Our state-of-the-art Research Centre is located in our headquarters in London, England.

Equipped with the gold standard in skin analysis equipment, used in R&D departments of cosmetic and pharmaceutical organisations, independent testing laboratories and in fundamental dermatological research centres worldwide.


This technology allows our Experts to measure factors such as skin hydration, elasticity and TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss) as well as other indispensable parameters for the evaluation of the skin. Each innovative formulation from Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is based on scientific research into the effects our ingredients have on various skin parameters. Discover these compelling results by viewing our case studies.

Our specialist skin research centre is further evidence of our commitment to being a leading authority on skin. Our brand is based on values of efficacy and integrity and these facilities support our expansion into new ingredient research to strengthen skin health outcome.

~ David Alpert, Managing Director of Advanced Nutrition Programme